Microblading is a manual form of semi-permanent makeup used to enhance eyebrows with natural hair-like strokes. This procedure is ideal for clients who desire a fuller, more symmetric brow with a natural-looking result A tool is used to apply pigment into the superficial layers of the skin to mimic the look of individual eyebrow hairs.

Best Microblading Treatment

If you want to have a custom design in your eyebrows, then microblading is the perfect option.

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For optimal results, a touch-up or perfecting session is required between 6-8 weeks following the original session. Once the final touch up is completed, your new eyebrows will last 12-18 months depending on skin type and lifestyle. Microblading is great for people who have thin eyebrow hair and desire the look of hair strokes to fill in the unevenness.

This specific procedure is also best suited for people who have small pores, are dry to combination skin and desire a fluffy natural result.