Laser Hair Removal

Holistic Spa & Laser Clinic uses CoolGlide Nd:YAG which is a safe and effective hair removal system for ALL skintypes, including darker tones. It allows for perminant hair removal and amazing results. The number reatments required depends on hormones and other personal factors.

Hair Removal


Unlimited Laser for a YEAR!!!

Two payments of $215 (Each small Area)

Navel, Areola, Basic Bikini, Feet, Hands, Chin, Sideburns, Upper lip, Underarms

Three payments of $284 (Each Medium area)

Face, Upper Arms, Forearms, Upper Back, Lower Back, Brazilian, Lower legs, Stomach

 Four payments of  $295.75 (Each Large Area)

Chest, Full Arms, Upper legs, Full Back, Full Legs

We use the technology COOLGLIDE. Safe for all skin type all skin colours***

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Laser Genesis improves skin texture; shrinks pores; reduces redness, dark spots, and sun damage; decreases wrinkles; and removes stretch marks.

Laser Genesis is currently 50% OFF!

One treatment is regular $125, but it is currently $62.50!

OR purchase a package of  6 for $312.50! (appointments are approx. 2 weeks apart)

Inflammatory Acne Scar Reduction Rosacea
Lentigines Wrinkles Angiomas
Freckles Warts Port Wine Stains (PWS)
DPNs Dermal Heating Venous Lakes
Age/Brown Spots Facial Veins
Skin Tags Leg Veins
Acne Scars Poikiloderma
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